Monday, November 3, 2008

WSS10 recruitment

Burning desire to acquire knowledge in computers and computer networking, apply to be a candidate of WSS Competition Training on "IT/PC & Network Support".
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Click Here to take survey

You Must BE
1. Singapore citizens
2. Born on or after 1 Jan 1989
3. Genuine interest in computers and computer networking
4. WANT to represent SP
5. Proactive in learning
6. Working independently with minimal guidance

What is in for ME?!
1. Challenged and beyond the academic syllabus dished to you.
2. You will be VERY WELL taken care of.
3. Exclusive use of lab for your learning/working (CONFIRMED candidates only!)

You are welcome to attend a briefing @ T1036 on 18 Nov 08 (Tuesday) 5.30pm.


Raymond said...

nah, see? don't everytime in class complain that no one reads your blog ok? I'm so kind to comment here

anyway, nice video you've got

Clown said...
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Larry said...

Too many talks that i mixed up the dates which ended up with me not being present during the briefing