Monday, February 9, 2009

[ALGO] Feedback~

Guy please take note, this is the post meant for ALgo.

At least i did know bing qiang and irving are anxious to post feedback on this module (NO BROWNIE POINTS btw,toooo bad). Chk out what they posted on the post for other module

I "officially" created this post for algo feedback! RAWR

You guyz ROX!

I hope at the end of this module, you have brought the programming skills out of it. And again hopefully, do not return it to me later in life. For lame excuses like NS, Uni, BGR bla bla bla. Besides the programming skills, I also introduce some software engineering elements through your assignment. This is something I really hope you held dearly. Most importantly, continue the quest to gain more knowledge.

Feedback about me, my style, what have you learned from me and not forgetting what you want me to improve on.

I also want ALL (NOTE: ALLL of you, none less) to participate on the research I am doing.
You may begin by taking the 10+5 qns survey in the follow 2 links. Remember to take both survey!



irving said...

wah now i'm really the first to comment LOL. I really didn't know where to put lo haha i thought all the same :D

anyway let's work hard for exam !! ganbatei (^^)

Ming Han said...

Had a enjoyable time in lesson. Other than that, nothing else to comment on.

Richard Goh(dcpe/ft/2b01) said...

not bad and nice to attend the lesson

Anonymous said...

good.i think for me the most useful one is blog,it is quite useful to me.i learn from the post code and more understand.
however,during the lesson,you can explan more detail for some difficult part.


Anonymous said...

emm. very knowledgeable lecture and very helpful friend.i had a good time in dry programming lessons.


Anonymous said...

I had a nice time in lessons and found that programming is not as boring as I thought before, sometimes it's interesting~~~
maybe interest is really the best teacher ??~~~

Jiang Shuang

sjteo said...

"irving posted"

first to comment wootz

anyway the way is teach is kind of new experience to me. And i never even blog at all so i find its a
good way of teaching too (^^)As you said programming is self-taught so i think we if we wanna learn is from ourself. Well hope we do well in exam GL to everyone.

p.s learn to write better on the blackboard :D


link "[CHW] Feedback" -> 1st comment

sjteo said...

"bing qiang posted"
Great teaching style,You are able to grab most of our attention with your cold jokes =D.LIU XUE JIANG SHUANG.......Anyway have a nice day....AND continue writing your evil codes,it's good for us.

source="[DCS] Feedback" comment #40

Guowei said...

lessons are very interesting. i like the theory part. lecture to be more accurate. more than the doing part. though programming is more effective if you actually do it. anyway thanks mr teo for your guidance and help for the past half year.

Kaung (DCPE/2B/01) said...

Teaching method is a little bit of unique, but about the hand writing on the white board, sign~~ anyway, keep teaching and guiding the students in better and better way ...

JAMes DCPE/2B/03 said...

errr...handwriting please improve...i know u can do it.

i think blogging is kinda boring coz maybe i read too many blogs...but i like wordpress...
simple and neat, easy to read, also support many diff screen resolutions...i think

as for teaching method/process, no comments. good enough. not too fast or slow. juzz nicee

Anonymous said...

interesting class.
interesting module.
interesting lecturer.
interesting lectures.

Enjoyed Algo.

XueQi. dcpe2b03.

Anonymous said...

Interesting lessons.

Alvin Theng DCPE 2B\03.

Anonymous said...

interesting lecturer, maybe teach other module will be more fun

Jia Sheng DCPE/2B03

alvin said...

I am happy with you as a lecturer.
You provide many questions for every chapter.
But there is no solution to it.

Hope there is, so that learning can be more relaxing.

take care.

Alvin Tan DCPE 2B03

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. THe blog is very useful.. Good to continue for future students..

relatively nice lecturer.. learnt quite abit more on programming than previously..

& thnks for all the help! =)

sjteo said...

gg learn alot and enjoy programming. > all lecturers.

link=[CHW] Feedback-> 4TH POST

Anonymous said...

a good lecturer but programming questions dun have solutions

Ding Wie Meng

irving said...

aiyo dont need to post my comment la .... anywhere is the same as long you got the idea LOL (^^)

Xiaochen said...

The class is intreasting because it teaches us how to calculate and make the program run, when we are using the software to calcuate some functions, we don't know how they work, but after this moudle, we know that the process is like this and we can make it ourselves.

Desmond! said...