Monday, May 4, 2009

[DIY] emergency HP charger

was telling one of my student about this DIY and he thought I am not being serious.
below is the excerpt of the email exchanges.

mod cost=$0 (Usable and decommissioned HP and HP charger)
mod time=5minutes

The Mod I am referring to is for your phone.

1. Find an unused/spoilt charger for your phone. Snapped the wire and keep the side which connects to ur hp.
2. Find out what is the pin out (eg GND, +5, data etc) of the connector, and also the voltage range (should not exceed 6v)
3. find some AA batt, hook in series to get 3v or parallel to get 1.5v but longer time, wire the + to +5v and - to gnd.
4. Fingers crossed, hope your phone will not get fried.

try at your own risk horrrrrrrrrr

This is my sony ericsson HP charger, It is OLD, but still in working condition. Anyway, for the sake of completing this mod, I shall use it anyway.

The rating of the charger for output (The data that concerned us) is 4.9V and 450mA. My 2x 1.5v battery pack is seriously under powered.

Stripped off the insulators. I am in luck, there are no proprietary colours or wires inside the cable. Red is +ve, Black is -ve. Please be very sure when hook up to the voltage source. The charging is unforgiving for wrong polarity.

Charge baby charge!!!!! Sorry for the ill taken picture. I need to hold the connections with my left and take the picture with my phone on my right. Wait, what phone??? My work/play/study/IM/web phone.

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! RAWR!!!

Here is the youtube video. Sorry for the ill taken video, I am OMO (One Man Operation)

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