Monday, September 14, 2009

[wares] opening the wd passport essential 2.5" 500GB HDD


1. gently pry at the sides of the WD passport essential 2.5".
1.1 Use your fingernail/screw driver/card

2. gently lever at the rounded edge, one side at a time

3. pull out the white colour plastic piece gently.

4. Remove the shock absorbers (4pcs total)
5. gently slide the 2.5" hdd out of the aluminium housing

6. There you have a 2.5" WD 500GB hdd. HDD alone retails at s$138 at SLS, comex is selling at $119 for wd passport essential 2.5" 500GB


Anonymous said...

do u know a 2.5" WD 500GB blue cost 125?

sjteo said...

check out point 6.