Monday, May 3, 2010

annotating power point slides with laser graffiti

I came across the GRL (Graffiti Research Lab) website while researching for open platform and openCV to do tracking of an image blob.

I am totally amazed by the ability to draw with a laser, albeit not the emotion they are expressing with graffiti.

So I was thinking, can I used it to annotate my powerpoint slides while teaching?? + the wireless presenter I am issued with to scroll the slides back and forth. It is going to be damn cool lar! commercial product such as "afterglow" is going for usd$1950 per copy for the same feature i mentioned.

quickly, I downloaded the code (I love open source!!) and compile it. The webcam is the input device looking at the whole vision field and the code tracks the red dot (it is called a blob)
you will need

1x code
1x webcam (any model with driver)
1x <5w laser pointer 1x projector

check out the video.

sadly, when i run it with power point slides as the background, the slides doesn't show up as the background. More code tweaking ahead and more weekends are needed....

Akan Datang............................

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the ppt slides did not show. But we can still doodle. The only thing is using laser pointer means red colour on white - something I realise will not show up well and thus not easy to see.
But good attempt using what we already have and of course, open source,