Thursday, October 14, 2010

[DIY] pc based oscilloscope-zelscope

sometimes we need to use oscilloscope to verify our findings, especially with data acquisition. 
But, if you working from home, having the hardware it self is a luxury.

this is pc based. you would need to connect it to the mic input of your laptop/computer.
stereo audio cable, stereo mini 2.5" jack (male and female) both can draw from the store.
if you need to look at a sample. come to my office.

Pls do not, put >5v as input. might damage your sound card.
alternatively, go SLS get those 9bux USB soundcard and use that mic input.
Anything fried, will be at the USB sound. Take it as an insurance, 9bux  10 bux only.

This is how the usb soundcard oscilloscope looks like

for the software, download here the 

there is the free ver, which is not floating from the official website. It is in my laptop

Please note the sampling frequency is only until 44kHz, which is equivalent to the CD quality for the USB sound. Hence, any hi frequency waveform is not able to observe using the software.

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