Sunday, September 30, 2012

sous vide ala ghetto

I have been cooking ala sous vide for the last few days, using my ghetto setup.
 breakfast, eggs on toast. eggs sous vide at 63degC for 45min. cooked in a batch and then kept in freezer.

Lunch is too expensive, It will cost at a minimum about GBP10.... so I am skipping it. Just to give a matter of perspective, 300g of pork chop is GBP1.79

Dinner. Usually I would Sous vide the meat and later chill it in the fridge. After I am back from school, i would pop some into hot water bath . Once it is properly warmed to the desired temperature, in it goes to the hot skillet for the malliard reaction. 

Sous vide chicken thigh at 71degC for 2 Hr

sous vide pork chop at 57degC for 2Hr

Tefal frying pan is awesome!~

Watch out this space for sous vide beef rump (GBP1.99) and also bacon joint (GBP2.39)! 

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