Sunday, July 14, 2013

hack micro SD card adaptor to low profile for raspberry pi

It has been kind of an eye sore on my raspberry pi, where the SD card adaptor is sticking out of my 3D printed box. Since I am using micro SD card, it should be small enough to fit the SD card slot. The Low-Profile SD to Micro-SD Card Adaptor for Raspberry Pi on amazon cost about 8 quid. I am dead sure I am not going to spend a day's worth of meal allowance on a measly piece of PCB.

So i am going to hack a micro SD card adaptor to low profile, since I have a one lying around with a broken lock (I can't write to my micro sd card with this adapter because of the lock is broken). Warning: this process is irreversible, the modified micro sd card adaptor cannot be returned to its original form. proceed at own cost.

recipe for success: nimble fingers, lots of patience and a stroke of luck.

Carefully fold the pins on the RHS to contact the micro SD card.
Secure both the SD card connectors and micro SD card connectors as necessary.

Conclusion: This hack requires a lot of carefull bending of pins. Theoretically, this hack should work; but it doesn't work on me. I guess I have to secure the microsd to the adaptor one way or the other. 

update: i try another method of folding the pins and also slipping a tiny piece of paper to ensure the contacts are properly connected. it worked intermittenly, pi crumbling at the slightest touch.

For convenience sake, I am buying one of these at 2quid inclusive of shipping. Modify the usb part would yield a long term and stable solution.

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Amphimedon said...

I feel bad that this hack is so clever and then the Foundation sabos you by releasing the Pi B+ with native micro-SD