Tuesday, November 5, 2013

kill arduino: top 10 ways

10 Ways to KILL arduino

sjteo: I have loads of dead arduino in my office that were accumulated when I was away. I think we should set up a best practices.

Quick Links:
  • Method #1: Shorting I/O Pins to Ground VERY COMMON PROBLEM!
  • Method #2: Shorting I/O Pins to Each Other VERY COMMON PROBLEM!
  • Method #3: Apply Overvoltage to I/O Pins 
  • Method #4: Apply External Vin Power Backwards
  • Method #5: Apply >5V to the 5V Connector Pin
  • Method #6: Apply >3.3V to the 3.3V Connector Pin
  • Method #7: Short Vin to GND
  • Method #8: Apply 5V External Power with Vin Load
  • Method #9: Apply >13V to Reset Pin
  • Method #10: Exceed Total Microcontroller Current VERY COMMON PROBLEM!

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