Wednesday, February 4, 2015

3D printer with Cloud computing for one touch 3D printing over the cloud

3D printer with Cloud computing for one touch 3D printing over the cloud

Some time back, yours truly wrote about how to prepare a rep rap 3D printer for 3D printing over the cloud computing infrastructure. the  details of cloudify the rep rap 3D printer url here:

"The process to 3D print a 3D model can be quite an obstacle, i.e need to have physical access to the 3D printer and a SD card handy, power hog, heat emission, UFP emission. What if we can remotely send a 3D model (in *.STL) to be 3D printed on a 3D printer and also observe the 3D printing process over the Internet? Definitely it is going to be convenient as everything can be done at the fingertips; godsend piece of technology for those can’t wait for the 3D printers to be locked down in a facility equipped with exhaust and medical grade filter that is capable of filtering Ultra Fine Particles (UFP) in the range of 100 nanomether that is much finer than PM2.5. The purpose of this article is to share a step by step guide of setting up 3D printer to print remotely."

The process mentioned in the earlier post of using octoprint and slic3r is still not transparent to the end user details here:
user still have to process the gcode and submit it via octoprint.

 thanks to the good work rendered by FEW cloud FYP members Fahadh, Ehan, Wei quan, now we can 3D print over the cloud with a single click. Check out the youtube video. For best effect, please choose HD for video settings.

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