Monday, November 9, 2009

[warez] USB plasma ball

After 3 weeks of agonizing wait, my usb plasma ball finally arrived~ yeaaayyyyyy!! 1 more coooool display in my office. I am another step closer to make my office into more disco-ish.

The best part of it, powered by USB, 5V and 110mA. Yet to try to power it with some dry cells. None to be found in my drawers. Arghhzzz

was discussing with yushan this morning, whether i can use his robo complete with the wheel to make a generator to power it. stay tuned

If you wonder what is plasma is all about, please read..


Yushan Ng said...

Look at this

Syrian Hamster a.k.a golden hamster (Fat, not a runner), Quote from the video "only got up to 0.3 Volts, it needed at least 0.6 Volts to light this particular bulb."


Roborovski hamsters (small, fast runner). Maybe this can shoot up to 5V on the wheel.

PS: My hamster is winter white breed. Like the middle class, sandwich between those 2.

sjteo said...

*evil grin*

the type of dynamo used to generate the electricity also important. Currently I only have those from tamiya toy cars. Which i "kup" from those kids that throw it away after upgrade. hahahahaha

what bothers me now is the current that need to drive the usb plasma ball. Any insights on getting a gauge on it?