Monday, November 23, 2009

[warez] fun with plasma ball

Still remember my USB plasma ball toy?

I have decided to play around with it using a fluorescent light tube. But what worries me was the power rating of the usb plasma ball. It is running on 5V, 110mA from the USB. I am not sure whether it will work on a 2' 10W fluorescent light tube. Anyway, i got a 8W 6" fluorescent light tube for the repair man I bump into this repair man when i was conducting my lab session. He is kind enough to loan me for a while. thx man~


sjteo said...

the first person who left a voice message on my cisco phone || my FB pm|| comment box, regarding why the fluorescent light tube light up without a VS gets a muesli bar from me.

HAPPY FACE said...

current passes through the air from the plasma ball and grounds through ur hands?lol

sjteo said...

dear happy face,

thank you for your response. one of nikolai tesla's vision is to pass current / electricity through air. Which means, we do not need to use the power grid to transfer electricity anymore. Sadly, we are still pretty much stuck at the wall plug.