Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Year Resolution

It is around the corner again during this period of time, where you made some self reflections on the one year that have passed. Any of you still remembered what did I set at dec08?

Wasted 2009? Thinking of something you want to do but procrastinated/idled/let time pass by???? --> so passe, it was mentioned last year. haha

I, inevitable, procrastinated my way to the 100KG i am now. --> I am now 95KG, just measure it yesterday night. 

<<[2009 Goals]>>
1. Drop 1 Kg per Month   Tried but failed to do it. Otherwise I will be at 88KG now.

2. Participate in Sun Down Marathon 30th May 09   been busy "lah" (sounds so familiar right?) Anyway, i participating Standard Charted Marathon on 6Dec09

What are the caused of the failure of not achieving the goals?
Let's analyse the way my goals are set. Still remember my "SMART" goal setting technique?

When it comes to setting goals, be very sure the goals set are "SMART"

S= Specific / Simplified / Strategic
M= Measurable / Manageable / Money ?!
A= Achievable / Attainable / Agarlogic?!
R= Realistic / Relevant
T= Timely / Track-able / Traceable

What is missing from the above, is the how to's to achieve your goal. More importantly, a schedule on what to do that you can follow closely to achieve your goal. Since i did not paste on my wall my workout schedule as big as loan shark ah long's, hence, nothing is tracked closely and finally nothing happened. 

More importantly, I have made a promise to her that I would cut down 2KG per month. She did 5KG per month. Oh my goodness.....
As I told my boys and girls, you are only worth what you have promised. It is either you keep your promise, or not. Will I end up self-pwned? Lets see on dec 2010. I am actually looking forward to it. hhahaha

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