Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas + happy new year

As usual, half day on christmas eve. The air-cond was turn off at 1pm and I am still in the office trying to get my things done. With my small little fan, it start to get cooler but not until the sun shine again. It became too warm for me stay in the office.

As usual, public holiday eve, there are people EVERYWHERE! I wanted to avoid the crowd, the aimless drinking and partying on the excuse that it is a public holiday eve. Wandered to Sim Lim Tower (SLT), I am sure the crowd there suits my palate. Walking in shop by shop to hunt for a temperature sensor for my new toy (some of you might heard it straight from the horse's mouth and want to be part of the action) but none avail. I was tempted to ripped off the temperature sensor on my motherboard. haha

Chance upon some kit set at B1 in SLT. wireless VU meter!!!!!!!! What is better to do then having a wireless VU meter to decorate my office!

Can't wait to open the kit set. So I hurry back to my office where all my tools are available. Spent the next 2 hours playing with another simpler VU that is passive. It is already is about time to head home.


Wakeup, exited about my wireless VU, here I am again in my Office. But to my dismay, the security guards locked the doors of the corridor that leads to my office, on christmas day! Hungry, eager to make my toy, frustrated because I have to wait and certainly not in a very good mood. Call them to unlock the corridor door.

I made the input ports and output ports detachable. Once I got the circuit running I want to hook it up to my headphone, my tshirt etc. Kinda cool when I am DJ-ing in the pitch dark with funky LEDs that lights up according to the sound pickup from the dance floor. Any SP-DJ kids want to loan my set? hehe

Here I present to you my toy for this christmas.

It reall rox!!!!!!!!!!!! check out the video


nigel dcpe said...

the wireless VU is damn cool.

sjteo said...

you can get one of these at SLT for 11bux. Get from the basement shop that is next to the stairs. It is tucked in one dark corner.

If you get from the shops that are in a good position, the price is 15bux.

same stuffs tho

Anonymous said...

Porn link above

sjteo said...

the link was removed