Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[DSA] feedback~~!

RAWWRRRRRRRRRR is Feeding time....ooops feedback time.
feedback about me, you can use the below as a guide

1. my teaching
2. your learning
3. what you have learned from me
4. what you want me to improve on

I hope to see you guys again, prolly FYP or other modules.
It was fun and fulfilling to see you all keep upgrading your code to impress, yours truly. 


ming xuan said...

Your teaching style was definitely one of the most unique amongst the lecturers that I have come across. The way you have exercises posted on your blog for us to do, and the idea of learning from codes posted by other people had really benefited me. You also have a contagious passion for programming that motivates us to do and look further. I have also liked the way you posted real life application/uses for the different algorithms/container types as I feel that I can learn easier if I can see the use of it. In the past, my view towards programming was something that was restricted only on the computer. However after your various short pep talks on the extensive power of programming, I am starting to see how we can use programming as the "brain" of objects/appliances of any kind.
It was an enjoyable semester and I hope to see you again! All the best! :)

Brendon said...

Your teaching have been great,it was one of the most interesting lessons i have come across so far.I'm able to understand more about programming learning how to use vector and lots of other functions thanks to your teaching.The way you show us how you inbuild your code into other objects have motivate me and keen to learn more about progarmming.Like the flashing LEDS when shake it shows a name.COOL!Hope to see more new projects of your again.See you again soon! :)

sjteo said...

@ming xuan,
We the programmer... OWNED the computers and anything that capable of running a piece of code.


I still want to "conscript" your HTC magic in my project. hehe. My HTC magic got the PERFECTED RADIO FIRMWARE. Very complicated to hack to use for my concept project.
The easy way out is to use yours. LOLx.

you are always welcome "copy" my pet projects. My next up is to make the blink blink LED jacket, AKA those you saw in the movie Step UP 3D. Geeks can be cool too.

Aidil said...

i'm not made for programming........

Taufiq said...

@Aidil - LOLs this feedback page is now my internet startup page as a reminder.. i still dunno what to write... your feedback the best LOL...simple....

K now my feedback.
-> i WISH i was made for programing. Need to try harder ^^

i Shall add more if i can think of any later

Hongyi said...

There is a lack of sample questions on Blackboard regarding MCQs and no answer sheets to check our answers. Your questions on the blog are not specific enough at times. It would be great if labtests are more code-oriented. =D

SoonChyun said...

Your teaching style is not based on powerpoint slides,which convey the concept clearly to us.
Your programming exercise are sometimes hard to do as some of us does not have programming base but luckily there's classmates that post it in the blog for easy reference and sometimes learn something from it.
Could make it more interesting if you could show more of your gadgets in the class.
And lastly cut down on coke :D

sjteo said...

that is the whole purpose of learning. To train a person from ZERO to HERO.
Ofcoz, the hero only got one lar. If there is many, we can form company of hero.
AND, willingness to learn and the gusto towards learning is very important too.
like what 50cents said:"get rich or die trying", in his platinum album. I assuming everybody wants to get rich .LOL

I shall reply if i can think of any later.

The drill questions is for you to apply general programming methodology. Such that when you are presented with the next challenge, you apply the methodology, not the same code that you have written.
the labtests are >50% code oriented. I shall discuss further with MC about it.

coke is my driverm there is alot of sugar in it. That gives me the TURBO. now i drink coke zero only, thats why got TURBO lag.
It is important to recall back to what have been learned before. In our case, structured programming in yr1. That is your base, which boys and girls in your cohort have to go through.

Aswin said...

Your teaching is very quick,
I think not many people could absorb the whole lesson(including myself ,hahaha).
I often misheard what u saying(paging-->Beijing?)
but anyway all the lesson I quite understand.
I surely learn a lot from your teaching. Every tips you give from every lesson is surely effective.
I also realize that programming is not so nerdy after all
(its more to playing then studying and I like to play XD).
The lesson is fun, not so serious.
It's balanced. For improvement,
I think you should give in more to give us straight answer rather then a big hint sometimes,
because some people are not so programming so they might not understand your apparent hint.
well,that's all my feedback.
Thank you teacher for the lesson so far :)

Class Rep said...

I think i have no problem with your class. Your jokes are somehow bad but very fun becos it 'Funny' to watch u try ur best to make it sound funny. Hahaha thats the fun part LOL.The powerpoint slides are very good just that your lesson is quite fast i guess and u explained it quite fast. Nid more in class exercises.This is the only class i would go to if i am given a choice. Other than that my opinion of u is that ur a briliant teacher who loves programing ALOT and its so much fun to watch u teach it. Hope you would teach us in my future programing class/ect. Last sem' we had lau shook fong. She was slow and thats good but she's a little blur in the module. Dorvile is just plain arrogont. So , yea u win.

ming xuan said...

facebook :)

Lih Sheng said...

During your class is very fun. The concept is easy to understand. Your explanation is much clearer compare to ppt. The programming exercise is really challenging and most of the time i dono how to start writing the code. I think it is good to give some simple coding on the topic and let us practise on writing the code.

Hongyi said...


SC, I don't think any of us have programming experience before Poly... With the exeception of Taufiq and JingFeng I think.

wang feng said...

i don't really understand what u are teaching in class,too fast and too complicated.class exercise are too difficult to understand. but after looking at the question u had post in your blog,and our classmates' codes, i roughly get the idea.
sometime,i am so scare to ask u questions.u try to give hints here and there,but seriously,i don't get your hints.but at least u didn't scold me for not able to write the codes.
alright,i have to admit that some of your jokes are quite funny.but some i really don't get u.

Saifudin said...

now is my turn.. i would said that your teaching is good with visual demostration. you should keep using more thing to explain what the topic. what i have learned from all this almost to the point of nothing. my mind is the same as aidil.

sjteo said...

@class rep aka taufiq, if you have the niche computer skills, flaunt it, be proud of it and make good use of it.
You will understand better over time you inches to the pinnacle.

@mingxuan, i replied ur FB PM.

@lih sheng, simple coding as in sample code and you type out while looking at it?

@hongyi, you all have the programming XP since you progressed from yr1.

@wang feng, which part is complicated? the examples i cite? the code? Atleast you get to learn from the blog.

@saifudin, you are contradicting yourself. Is it because the examples are not generic enough? Most of my examples are taken from day to day observation on how people work.

helmi said...

Your teaching style is definitely different.I don't think you went that fast but sometimes i don't seem to catch what you teach.Even said that, i try to get as much as i could and try to understand the reason behind it as possible.You encourage us to do lots of practice and help us when we are in need.I appreciate that.thank you

Nicholas said...

One Word: Excellent (: