Tuesday, August 17, 2010

[FYP] fire & hazard SOP in lab or workshop

Today 16 aug 10, yours truly is vising the lab at 5.10pm to check out on the progress of the project.
While moving around the the robot platform ,
explaining the requirements of the robot, fiddling around with the motors and gears mounted to the robot platform.....
Yours truly's micro-fiber business pants came in contact with a hot solder iron that was left on a chair for an extended period of time. 

Why is the SOLDER left on the chair!!!??!!!???!!? GRRRZZZZZ

LUCKILY, no roast meat is served for dinner. Poor alan brooke, he did not made his business pants to be heat proof.

An old saying=> You never came lucky, TWICE.

1. DO NOT LEAVE heated elements turn ON 
for extended period of time.
2. Make sure all heated elements are inside their guard/holder.
3. Turn off any unattended heating/electrical elements.
4. Work on the workbench. 
There is a reason why it is called a "work"bench

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