Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY D3 soulstone USB drive

My Student ThianB just bought the Collector's Edition for Diablo3. This game is all on the rage now. Well, the last time when i was playing D1 and D2, I still remember how obsessed I am with the game mechanism. Weirdly, D3 does not attract me that much.

After seeing ThainB posted his spoils online, I gave him a ring and request for a T-Loan. Shamelessly telling him that it is just a piece of plastic and I can and going to make a replica of the soulstone.  LOL
BEHOLD, soulstone and diablo in their full glory. The artwork of these 2 pieces of plastic toy are really well defined and detailed to the last milimeter. I first started out to use art-clay/plasticine to make a mold.
I found out that the material is too hard and not malleable on the surface. Hence loosing some of the detail or I risk breaking apart the toy.

As for the setting agent, I am using this GlobalCast A-B, balance from my previous project.

Pour 1:1, and then mixed thoroughly. It will set in 1hour time and takes 24hour to cure completely. Make sure all the safety precautions are observed. Such as wearing of gloves, safety goggles and proper foot wear.

Before pouring the mixed solution into the mold, ensure that there is no seepage. Take a look at my poor art work.

The mixed solution will turn from clear, to opaque and finally to white. Let it sit for 24hours before releasing from the mold.

Taking them out from the mold. It need some glue and filling off the rough edges.

Now, it is awaiting for a fresh coat of paint to look like the real McCoy, just to TROLL ThianB. LOL 

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