Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY sous vide partII

As mentioned by me previously on my new found interest in sous vide cooking. The vacuum pump mechanism used by me was totally primitive. The air in the sealable plastic bag was sucked out by mouth. eewwwwww...

Using of a handheld vacuum cleaner is possible, but the cost of it at $99 put me off. The local surplus do carry it, but the condition of it is really horrible and certified not food worthy (by me).

I was so occupied with work last month, going down to Sim Lim Square (SLS) was a luxury. No luck with the local computer stores too. Finally, my calls for a USB vacuum cleaner was answered. It only cost me SGD9 from a friend that help me get from SLS. I get to pass the leather shoe cost to him. teeheeeheee.

Using the USB vacuum cleaner powered by the computer's USB port, only very very small particles such as bits from the food I ate, dust particles and strands of hair could be picked up. I tried the stock  USB vacuum cleaner with the re-sealable plastic bag, hardly any air could be suck out by the shorty snout. The DC motor in it was not working hard enough. Time to do some quick hack!

Knowing that USB ports supply 5V and up to 200mA only. If the DC motor in the USB vacuum cleaner to be revving at a even higher RPM, more current need to be supplied to it. Furthermore, the stock "snout" of the device is flat, restricting air flow. So my quick hack would be 1. modify an extended snout to allow more air flow, and 2. up the voltage and current.

The extended "snout" was made with courtesy of Mr.Bean drinks stall, which supplied me with the large diameter drinking straw, some hot glue and a cable tie, I am a good to go. I also made some USB connector to DC female jack to make use of a wall power supply, and DC male jack to 9V battery holder.


 I can't wait to get it turn on.....but wait. What should I experiment with for this modified USB vacuum cleaner? I simply took a small metal cup an shoved it in the bag and start the DC motor with 9V 800mA.

Listen to the sound of JOY!

Now, the yummy for the tummy portion.
Sous vide chicken breast on the cheap
1. 1pcs chicken breast (with or without skin)
2. salt and pepper to taste
3. pack in the bag with some herbs and vacuum it.
4. sous vide at 60deg C for at least 2 hours.

                                            skinless, boneless chicken breast seasoned with rosemary
                                             tender, juicy,
                                           chicken breast with skin and breast bone seasoned with cumin seeds
                                       sous vide 60deg C for 2hours minimum

                                       look at the perfect PINK.

NEXT, I am working towards the holy grail of sous vide, the perfect steak.


sjteo said...

This small powerful USB vacuum cleaner got other uses too...
such as packing more clothes into the luggage.

Ridge Annie said...

I am Sue Sheriff and I'm using FoodSaver V3240 for sous vide. That sounds good. Thanks for your shares, that helps me so much!