Friday, June 14, 2013

Cheat's 3 steps guide to 3D printing with makerbot replicator 2

I would like to thank the inhabitants of UCL institute of making
the uploaders on thingiverse
My act is only possible with the altruistic vision that you uphold dearly.

step by step guide to 3D printing with makerbot replicator 2
1. Download a "thing" from thingiverse, for example a raspberry pi case by redpeppr.
2. Extract the *.STL from the zip file
3. use makerware to open the *.STL, align it on on the platform properly. click on the "make" button to generate the *.x3g file. 
Select parameters such as % infill, thickness, number of shells, etc. 
The slicing of the models will take some time, so if it stuck at 33% for "some" time, just let it continue to execute.

4. Copy the *.x3g file to a SD card and plug into the makerbot. Follow the instructions on the LCD screen on makerbot to start printing!!!

Optional step: Use online cad tools such as to modify the *.STL downloaded from thingiverse as needed.
Sometimes, i want to save time by selecting 15% infill, but this caused the 3D printed model to collapsed while printing. 

The final product: 3 shells, 100% fill; job time 2H56M


Anonymous said...

hey Shin, cool stuff. how much did the 3d printer cost u?

sjteo said...

No idea, because I used it for free courtesy of institute of making