Friday, June 14, 2013

raspberry pi connecting to wifi in UCL using eduroam with parameters for IEEE802.1x

I have got my raspberry-pi setup for action with only a mouse,  and I also configure the wifi for home use. As for school use, I have no qualms connecting to our CS network (; Somewhat to my dismay today, I am facing some frustrating moments when trying to configure my pi to connect to eduroam.

In my humble opinion, I think I am a good user because I would ALWAYS RTFM first even before any attempt to ask any questions. Most of my questions are answered not by person, but kung-foo manuals. The official wifi config guide for linux is listed here. As a good user, I follow the manual exactly to the word level and expect it to work. The reality is, it doesn't. It is mind boggling on why it will not work, especially it came from a reputable source. After an hour or so tinkering and troubleshooting, still no avail. Out of amusement, I decided to cat on the path to the file and the certificate doesn't show. Then I discovered that there was a typo in the path given in the OFFICIAL guide to the certificate necessary to facilitate a secure connection with eduroam. Prior to my cat, i only did a ls on the directory and saw the certificate, but the case sensitivity of the file name escapes saruman's stare.

Now come the second amusement of the day. On the guide it says use PEAP as authentication protocol. I did exactly that and it does not work. This is really weird because I am dead sure I got all my parameters correct. Again, out of amusement (actually more of out of desperation), I brute force possible combo of authentication protocol. I just picked TTLS at random and guess what?! IT IS ALIVE!!!

Now, the wifi config on raspberry pi to connect to eduroam in it's full glory is in the screenshot below. Use either the GUI method or the cmd method. The config flavours described in the screenshot is just for coparison/reference.

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