Saturday, April 12, 2014

\m/ rock on rave helmet for electric run, electro dance music

\m/ rock on rave helmet
Sick of generic off the shelf item for events such as electric run or electro dance music festival????
Make an customized item!
Earlier, I have devised a wirelessly charged RGB LED fiber optic bangle for the missus. She is going to be my pacer, thus when we go for a run and assumed we run close enough to each other, there will be LIGHT.  Just come to realised I have no missus, and the bangle size was not designed for a bloke, I had it shelved. Therefore I devised this helmet specifically for the events above. This rave item is sort of a motivation factor for yours truly the fatty bom bom to flex some muscle besides juicing the grey matter. I am also partially motivated after seeing Natalina’s Fiber optic dress; it is incomplete without a blinking rave head gear of some sort. 

Bills of material
1. Programmable RGB LED light source of some sort using an MCU. I have used my custom PCB for RGB LED to use with ATTiny85. Details of designing the PCB is available here, close up of the assembly of the contraction is available at my earlier instructables.
2. Light Diffuser of some sort. I have devised and 3D printed a \m/ rock on insignia in natural PLA with 5% fill and 2shells.
3. Side glow fiber optic cables.
4. Helmet.
Acquire the components and decide on how to route the fiber optics and measure the length needed. Assemble the programmable RGB LED light source PCB. The final assembly should look something similar to the following pictures. I have some surplus through hole LED diffuser lying around, so I have repurposed them to hold the RGB LEDs.
3D printed a \m/ rock on insignia in natural PLA with 5% fill and 2shells. The 3D model of \m/ rock on is uploaded to thingiverse. Feel free to download. Assemble the contraption as per the following picture. Insert the 5mm fiber optic cables and it should fit snugly.
Program the MCU. In this case, it is an ATTiny85.  The public domain RGB LED spectrum fading source code is available here.  
Fingers crossed. Plug in a 6v supply. Igor, PULL THE SWITCH!!!

A video will follow later once I find a human willing to wear it. I find it very difficult to take a selfie with my overgrown smart phone while wearing my new contraption.
Wearing my new rave helmet, I was prancing to the venue for electric run but only to realized it is an paid event. I thought it is FREE.... silly me. From public domain info, apparently early birds that book the run enjoy a huge discount as compared to late bird like me that try to sign up late. So, I decide to keep the cash for some Mackey Ds’ and continue to be a fatty bom bom.

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