Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[DSA] Queue

Long time ago when i was still working in shenton way...
I need to wear shirt+neck tie+business slack. If there is a need to meet then client, add another blazer under the blazing sun. It rhythms rite~

Geek like me, I find matching colour of my outfits seem to take forever to learn. There is no hard and fast rule. Best, it is very subjective. Different people will give you different preference and a piece of their mind. ARGHzzzzz. How nice if (day=monday){setBlue();} can be applied to matching my attire.

So to play safe, I bought seven sets of outfit that the colour would match generally. Hang them in my wardrobe from left to right for monday to sunday (I work 8 days per week). I applied FIFO (first in first out) on my "queue" of attire. hehe. Because, I always take from my LHS (Left Hand Side) every morning for my business, and replenish at the RHS after it is done from the laundry.

To hide the fact that i am lazy to choose my attire, and there is a high probability I would wear the same thing for that day of the week for all the weeks in a year. I did a one left shift on my "Queue". Then my wardrobe queue would behave like a barrel shift register that shifts by one bit. Hence my algorithm would keep me safe from the optic blasts of the "fashion police". Sad to say, I still did not escape the scrutiny of the fashionista.

There is this girl in my office, which takes a mental note on the pattern of the occurrence of my attire. She observed my algorithm for about 3 weeks then I am busted.... No, she did not became my wife.

Drill Questions
1. Create a queue of 10 items, of your choice.
2. Assume that the 4th item in the queue is of higher priority, retrieve it first.
3. display the remaining items in the queue.

4. Create a queue of objects. Each object have a different priority 1-10. 1 is highest priority, 10 otherwise. Object with the highest priority in the Queue need to be service first.

5. Based on 4, create objects at random interval of 1s to 10s and enqueue them. You can assume that the queue is dequeue at every 1 second

6. In the emergency ward, some cases are more serious then the other. Assume there is more then 1 queue is available. Suggest a method that would give Queue tickets to non-priority case, while ensuring life threatening case get service accordingly.


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