Monday, January 17, 2011

[DSA] Sorting

Here comes the interesting part in algorithms.
Sorting and searching are the crowns in the algorithm topic. So to speak, these are hottt topics for research in computer science world.

Efficiency, cost. Remember???

We will be examining bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort and merge sort in details. Studying the complexity of the above algorithms, and not forgetting the implementation of the algorithm. Both DIY code and STL.

But Why Bother to Sort?

Here comes the question>>>>>>>>>

1. Implement sort descending for Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, STL sort. Use int arrays or vectors to try it out.

2. In our session, we use integer to demonstrate sorting. Is it possible to sort characters, strings, double, objects etc? Use vector or arrays to try it out.

3. Use the sorting algorithm of your choice, sort 10 tropical fruits of your choice.

4. On top of the previous implementation, create a class for fruits with 2 parameter namely int price and string fruitName. Sort the 10 tropical fruits according to fruit name or price. Your implementation should be able to sort both price and fruitName ASC or DESC. A menu might help in here.

5. Lastly, what considerations when we need to ponder when comparing 2 arbitrary Sort Algo A and Sort Algo B. How would we really know that A is better then B ?

There might be more then one implementation of the above sorting algorithm. Below are my flavor for the 3 algorithm. Codes are commented for easy following.
//bubble sort

//insertion sort

//selection sort

//merge sort

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