Friday, August 16, 2013

arduino sous vide beef short ribs 62degC 48 hours

Woke up late and made a last minute mad dash to smithsfield meat market with the lads in tow. thank goodness we still able to get access. 
MEAT GALORE! short ribs, sirloins, lamb chops, kebabs, burgers,pork chops,pork hocks, etc. the regular size coffee cup is the reference point.
finally, i get to do some beef short ribs. I did spent a lot of time drooling over pictures and videos of it over the Internet. Doing it rather than watching it is a total paradigm shift.
this beauty is at £3.7 per Kg at smithsfield market. I think it is at £9.xx per Kg at major retailers.

arduino sous vide setup, 62degC for 48 hours.

my pot is too small to fit 2Kg at once. beef rendang got to wait till next time! it will be sous vide at 85degC for 24 hour

my poor santoku knife :( it is my only knife

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