Sunday, August 18, 2013

glutton's arduino sous vide beef short ribs 62degC 32hours

I went to smithsfield market yesterday morning to get some beef short ribs. I got myself some decent short ribs at very decent price, despite the market is closing in 20mins time.

Long story cut short. I experimented with a piece of the short rib, seasoned it with a dallop of oyster sauce, some black pepper and a tiny dash of sesame oil. Popped it into my arduino sous vide setup at 1000 Friday and it supposed to be ready in 48 hours time....

Staring at the short ribs in the cooker while eating some stale bread with expired cheese for dinner after a long day, is really depressing. The inner glutton strikes back! The rest was history.

62 degC at 32 -ish hours
look at the cherry blossom red. beef was cut using a butter knife. My poor santoku knife was decommissioned; a fateful clash when the metal meets with the bone. 
short ribs au juice is used as stock base for rice vermicelli. 

If you wonder how much per KG for a nicely trimmed and packaged short rib cost in major retailers?

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