Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dangerously life threathening method to poor man's drinks carbonation

WARNING: Risk of explosion from charging compressed CO2 into the P.E.T bottle!! 

I have a dream; a dream I can make a bottle of £4.19 white wine from tesco to taste like moet (champagne/sparkling wine produced in a certain region of france) just to help me keep my cost down for asking human over for dinner. I tinker with the idea of inducing nano sugar particles into the white wine to give the sweet note of sparkling wine; while forcing compressed CO2 into white wine to imitate the carbonation from the luxury of secondary fermentation. My dream was close to reality; until I took a £500 hit to my already badly beaten wallet after an unexpected visit to the dentist for root canal treatment. No alcohol in due course of antibiotics.

8gram CO2 charger/cartridge

My dream is simple. An 8gram CO2 charger/cartridge, loaded into a S30 valve with piercing pin, thus compressed CO2 will carbonate the liquid content in a cheapo P.E.T bottle. The risk is high. The P.E.T bottle will expand rapidly and possibly rupture before the pressure release rubber kicks in at 10PSI (assume is new rubber) from the S30 valve; killing the operator or missing a digit/losing an eye. But a lad so poor, he can only lose his life in the name of cheap but "controlled" experiments.

NOTE: Do NOT screw the P.E.T bottle's cap tightly shut when carbonating with this ghetto method. Give some more room for CO2 to escape. Trade your safety for a fully carbonated drink? NEVER!

The risk of carbonating in a bottle is real.
the 20quid Twist&Sparkle is wonderful, but certain model is recalled back in 2012.
This is a first hand account of the exploding home carbonation kit.

So the 120quid perlini, the dream equipment of a home chef to impress his/her date over a drink. The ultimate kit that uses similar concept and widely used by molecular mixologist. IMHO The price do make up the difference for safety!

My dirt cheap setup only cost 12quid for the s30 valve with piercing pin and also a charger holder, which can be adapted to a myriad of vessel.

I infer that if the volume of a PET bottle is large enough (say 2L soda bottle) and the PET walls are strong enough to hold pressurised air from an 8gram CO2 charger (soda are carbonated in the bottle, albeit regulated PSI); I should be "safe".

dry run, no carbonation yet. Still contemplating to lose a digit, an eye or my life.

I have been hunting around for large soda bottles but no luck still. So I have to improvised with a 900ml bottle, with the cap not tightly shut while carbonating.

carbonation, with the cap not tightly shut

Ahhhhh...carbonated apple juice. enjoying the fizzz with all my members intact. phewwwwww........ Drink, in the name of controlled and safe experiments!

New mod to direct CO2 into the liquid

maybe it is time for me to acquire a proper set of ISI siphon to achieve god mode results in safety?

guess what i found at the museum of london?

1930s' carbonator.

i did carbonate some cheapo white wine over the weekend....fizzy, but the taste.... blehhhhhh

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