Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year Resolution

Wasted 2008? Thinking of something you want to do but procrastinated/idled/let time pass by????

It is time again to set goals, targets and steps to reach your aspiration.

I was happily munching, eating, drinking for the last couple of weeks. Was shocked when i step on my long neglected weighting scale and I "FINALLY" CROSSED the 100 KG mark!!!!! I was 88kg a year ago. Must be the stress, must be the busy schedule, must be the .......... all sort of reasons and excuses I can come out with to bail myself out of the misery for being called a .1 tonner. I, inevitable, procrastinated my way to the 100KG i am now. The only exercise i did was with my jaw eating and my hands typing my way to create evil drill questions that made your life a less relaxing one but hopefully exiting ones.

No Pain No Gain rite?!

When it comes to setting goals, be very sure the goals set are "SMART"

S= Specific / Simplified / Strategic
M= Measurable / Manageable / Money ?!
A= Achievable / Attainable / Agarlogic?!
R= Realistic / Relevant
T= Timely / Track-able / Traceable

<<[2009 Goals]>>
1. Drop 1 Kg per Month, starting NOW by exercising and dieting.
2. Participate in Sun Down Marathon 30th May 09
3. Hmms..... can't think of any other yet...........


Share your new year resolution, and make a statement that you would make a commitment to make it happend!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[R&R] Merrrrrrryyyyy Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear all,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!

best regards