Monday, February 9, 2009

[ALGO] Feedback~

Guy please take note, this is the post meant for ALgo.

At least i did know bing qiang and irving are anxious to post feedback on this module (NO BROWNIE POINTS btw,toooo bad). Chk out what they posted on the post for other module

I "officially" created this post for algo feedback! RAWR

You guyz ROX!

I hope at the end of this module, you have brought the programming skills out of it. And again hopefully, do not return it to me later in life. For lame excuses like NS, Uni, BGR bla bla bla. Besides the programming skills, I also introduce some software engineering elements through your assignment. This is something I really hope you held dearly. Most importantly, continue the quest to gain more knowledge.

Feedback about me, my style, what have you learned from me and not forgetting what you want me to improve on.

I also want ALL (NOTE: ALLL of you, none less) to participate on the research I am doing.
You may begin by taking the 10+5 qns survey in the follow 2 links. Remember to take both survey!