Friday, March 26, 2010

[DIY] light saber with $15 and 60minutes!!

Last Saturday, After the whole day in office reading, trying and experimenting for my academic usage.... Out of sudden..... I question my self. What am I doing in the office on a Saturday??!!! Whereas my friends are busy preparing to party. Well, in the long run I see in my self there are some significant benefits for seeking knowledge and most importantly applying it. Instead of joining my friends to party and getting wasted the next few days (wasting time sleeping duhzzzz), I decided to make my self a LIGHT SABER, just to perk things up.

Sim Lim Tower (SLT), here I come again!
Window shopping around and I chance upon this flexi LEDs in plastic strips that run on 12V DC. Aha! The perfect illumination for my light saber. Best part of it, it is only sgd $15 and the shop next door is selling for $45!!!!!! absolutely the same real deal. Delighted with my find, I headed back and continue with my books.

Some of you might wonder, what colour will my light saber be? I choose white instead of the available red, green and yellow LEDs. Just for pragmatic reasons, I can still use my light saber as source of illumination. Don't you think is eerie to read in green lights?

The next few days are spent on hunting parts for the light saber. I went to T822 look for ah yap for some acrylic tube, diffused the clear acrylic with tracing paper in it and there it go my spoils from last Saturday.
This is how it looks like incomplete....
I am toying with the idea of making a really uber cool steampunk looking light saber handle. Found some really cool ones from the Internet, but........... I can't afford the time to hunt for the parts, assemble and fabricate them and not forgetting blogging about it.. hahahaah

Just made do what I could find in my office. Emptied plastic holder for solder coils, some paper clips, 9v battery clip some wires, a variable resistor for showing strong and weak force and NO soldering involve (save time!! but might break down anytime from rough handling)

The FORCE is STRONG in this one

Your Focus determines your DESTINY

May the FORCE be with you