Saturday, June 18, 2011

BGP awesomeness with Packet Tracer 5.3.2

With Packet Tracer 5.3.2 you can experiment with BGP (eBGP)

It serves as a good tool for a refresher, especially for poor chap like without exclusive access to the cisco racks....

Here I demo Cross AS BGP. Not all the BGP peers have a direct peering. I use the "network" command to do the routing.

Common mistakes that might occur
1. Peering with BGP peer on the wrong AS
2. Peering with BGP peer on the wrong IP subnet
3. Configure wrong AS for BGP on the victim router
4. and the list go on....

to verify your settings...
sh ip bgp

sh ip bgp neigh

come code for your reference.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my first attempt: solar cooker

Get a BIG cardboard, some aluminium foil and adhesive.
1 black or dark colored cooking vessel.
1 small piece of wood as insulator.
1 clear plastic bag. I got mine from the fresh fruits section at NTUC... but realise it was a lil too small to fit the flower pot I am going to use.

We are going to form a cone shape with the cardboard, hence make a cut with a diameter of 25cm or more to accommodate it. Paste the foil on the cardboard, shinny side up. I made a mistake of inverting it....oh well...

I was hunting for a pot like apparatus to secure my new toy... Went hunting around and discover some flower pots......

weather check.... it was cloudy.... not a good day for solar cooking....

I am experimenting whether solar cooking rice or sweet potato will be edible? Typical Asian staple.

arrange in this order and secure with cable tie.

/ \
/ \_______
| air |
| |
|cooking ware|
| insulator |
|plastic bag|

Just in case you guys wondered where did the flower pot went to ...

Cooking time -> 1245 - 430pm...
the plastic bag burst....

The rice is not cooked..... but the rice water is warmer then room temperature.
The sweet potato is not cooked thoroughly. Never buy $1 sweet potato from NTUC... rotten ...

next up.... improvised on
a. neater foil reflector will lesser creases when pasting it to cardbord.
1. weather check appratus..
2. temperature check apparatus....
3. quantify the heat generated from this solar cooker.. (a lil far fetched)