Thursday, July 29, 2010

[DIY] android on a laptop (live CD)

my student (WS) from SPIC is exploring on how to put android on a laptop.
After some tinkering he manage to try live CD.
He had put up a very detailed step by step guide. Which you guys can check out from the link below

Since it is booting from a liveCD, no damages will be done on your computer logically.

After you take out the iso image, Your computer resumes as per normal.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Chromium OS, Cloud Computing

I had a dream.......
The computers at CSSC does not require a HDD, an optical drive (DVD/CD) nor a installed OS.
The TCO of the computers can be on the cheap.

We could juz load chromium OS on a USB drive, boot from USB and use our computer as if it is a super big web browser.

for docs processing, we could use
for multimedia, we could use youtube with the playlist feature.
for storing of images, i could use flickr , photobucket
for storing of code, i could use snipt
for IM, i could use e-buddy
for social networking, i could use facebook...

hhhmmmsss.... what i could do more on my computer?

but for software development.... it is a little bit tricky......
but.... it is still cool on my development computer.
but for scanning of  photos from a scanner... it is a little bit tricky
but for printing of from a conventional printer... it is a little bit tricky

OVERALL.... it is still cool, for using chromium in a CyberCafe type of deployment.

check out the how-to documents of running chromium OS from my young padawan yonglin.

>  </iframe>

Chromium is still breaking on computers that sports broadcomm wifi chip. Altheros is still cool. 
more info here