Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[DSA] feedback~~!

RAWWRRRRRRRRRR is Feeding time....ooops feedback time.
feedback about me, you can use the below as a guide

1. my teaching
2. your learning
3. what you have learned from me
4. what you want me to improve on

I hope to see you guys again, prolly FYP or other modules.
It was fun and fulfilling to see you all keep upgrading your code to impress, yours truly. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

[FYP] hamster riding self balancing robot

As promised,
Sudah datang....

NO hamster is harmed in this production!!

Jack the beanstalk (hamster)
self balancing robot-> KKKY & co

SJTEO. camera boy, gives direction but that doesn't makes him a director. ZZZZzzzZZzzz
KKKY and Sara. Robot rigger
Daniel and CWei. Hamster rigger
JLiang: tools rigger
mew: pacifier (for the hamster duhzz)

Friday, August 20, 2010

[FYP] self balancing robot

This are 2 of the student's FYP i am supervising now.

the common components on the 2 bots
MCU= arduino
accelerometer and gyroscope.

what makes it so different from one and another?
The bot in the 1st video, uses IMU. A chip that have accelerometer and gyroscope bundled into a single PCB. For locomotive, it uses a tamiya twin gear with 2 DC motors on ardumotor.

The bot in the 2nd video, uses a wii nunchuck for the accelerometer and a standalone gyroscope. For locomotive, it uses 2 servo motor.

The main objective is to make a  robot that is able to balance on 2 wheels that are position laterally on both sides.
The other objective is to investigate the difference in the algorithm/software/code that need to reflect the different hardware setup.

stay tune,

akan datang.................

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

[FYP] fire & hazard SOP in lab or workshop

Today 16 aug 10, yours truly is vising the lab at 5.10pm to check out on the progress of the project.
While moving around the the robot platform ,
explaining the requirements of the robot, fiddling around with the motors and gears mounted to the robot platform.....
Yours truly's micro-fiber business pants came in contact with a hot solder iron that was left on a chair for an extended period of time. 

Why is the SOLDER left on the chair!!!??!!!???!!? GRRRZZZZZ

LUCKILY, no roast meat is served for dinner. Poor alan brooke, he did not made his business pants to be heat proof.

An old saying=> You never came lucky, TWICE.

1. DO NOT LEAVE heated elements turn ON 
for extended period of time.
2. Make sure all heated elements are inside their guard/holder.
3. Turn off any unattended heating/electrical elements.
4. Work on the workbench. 
There is a reason why it is called a "work"bench