Friday, July 10, 2015

Maker Faire Singapore 2015 SP Makers FabLab@SP Makerspace@SP booth

check out our booth at Maker Faire Singapore 2015!

Look out for the laser cut acrylic signage we made with attiny85 ws2812

some of the maker inspired projects you will see at maker faire singapore:
techno mohawk v2.0

attiny85 ws2812 spectrum analyzer

attiny85 ws2812 fastled electret spectrum analyzer

maker faire singapore 2015 sound to light gizmos using attiny85 ws2812 fastled spectrum analyzer

check out the video here:

source code: here

Techno mohawk v2.0 Arduino ATtiny85 RGB LED Spectrum Analyzer

techno mohawk v2.0 for maker faire singapore 2015.
made a maker hat for maker faire singapore 2015.

for more details about how to make it, refer to my blog post