Thursday, September 17, 2009

[wares] upgrading fujitsu e8410 with 500gb hdd on windows 7 x64 64bit OS

Last Monday, the 2.5" 500GB WD essential passport i owned was dissected, disassembled to retrieve the goodies in there.

Now, the hdd itself is going to be transplanted on my fujitsu E8410 (otherwise known as FCS lifebook E8410 on non asia pacific market). The E8410 is 2 years old, 160GB hdd, 4GB DDR2 ram and sports a CPU that support virtualization technique. It is the perfect candidate to upgrade it to an OS that uses 64bit architecture!

This is the back view of the laptop, bottom up. There are 10 screws to be removed, to get access to the HDD. The location of the HDD is the medium size box at the lower portion of the image above.
Disclaimer: It is your risk financially, liability (void warranty) to open up / disassemble your warrez!!

1. Remove the battery
2. Remove the optical drive
3. Unscrew the nuts that fasten on the cover
4. Lift up the hood!

The whole casing have to be lifted up. Check out the video below~!


A peek under the hood of my E8410

the HDD is located at the position of the grey box. It is protected by a metal cover, which need to be removed to get access to the HDD.

Close up shot on the CPU, a T7300

Close up shot on the HDD, A fujitsu 160GB beneath the metal cover.

1. Unscrew the HDD metal cover that is secured to the laptop.
2. Unscew the metal cover that is secured to the HDD.

The 160GB HDD that is going to be swapped into the WD passport essential casing.

Now, get my paws on the 500GB hdd!

Replaced the newly removed 160GB HDD into the connector

Now, put back the cover and secure *ALL* screws that was from the laptop :0)

Here come the win7 x86 installation part.
1. Get your hands on a copy of the OS. You can download from MSDN AA if you are a student of an academy affilicated with m$

2. Get your CD key from the local admin.

3. Setup bios to enable vituarlization. Need to turn this on to use the m$ virtualPC and the famed XP mode. Its RoXoR!!!!!

4. SOP install

5. Enjoy the goodies~~!

Monday, September 14, 2009

[wares] opening the wd passport essential 2.5" 500GB HDD


1. gently pry at the sides of the WD passport essential 2.5".
1.1 Use your fingernail/screw driver/card

2. gently lever at the rounded edge, one side at a time

3. pull out the white colour plastic piece gently.

4. Remove the shock absorbers (4pcs total)
5. gently slide the 2.5" hdd out of the aluminium housing

6. There you have a 2.5" WD 500GB hdd. HDD alone retails at s$138 at SLS, comex is selling at $119 for wd passport essential 2.5" 500GB