Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[Java] Credit Card validity checker using Luhn and known MII

I received an email from Mr.Chua yesterday seeking help on behalf of "dignitykitchen" to address the matter on
1. whether there is a way to differentiate the various credit/debit cards eg. AMEX, VISA, DINNERS etc?
2. Is it possible to read the card to get the card number and tell the type of card?

Suddenly the thought of using this as a case study for Java programming I assignment crossed my mind. 

Nonetheless, I could not wait till next semester to start to code and quickly hack up a POC using Java for Mr.Chua. Usually, I code in C++ or python, since we are going to learn Java Programming I soon therefore I shall code more often in Java. The implementation can be ported on C, C++, Java, python, android, arduino (to hook up with a magnetic card reader, more later) etc. As long as the programming "logic" is sound, it can be demonstrated using different language. It is analogous to saying "I love you" in different language..... You get the idea.

The code uses luhn algorithm to check the validity of the credit card number, through a series of steps on choosing alternate number starting from the LSB, perform calculation and finally a MOD10 . The code does NOT check the validity of the card with the credit provider. Features such as manual input, identifying credit card provider were added. The code base can be expanded to recognize more info from the number itself. 

Apparently I misinterpreted the word "read" from the email received, after realizing it from another colleague's suggestion on using magnetic card reader with an MCU to "read" in the data from the card and do the validation checks on the MCU iteself. Anyway, the validation code can be ported to the said MCU... e.g Arduino with a magnetic card reader.

NOTE: Source code is for academic use only.
1. place Main.Java and LuhnCheck.java in the same folder. Compile (I did it using javac) and run.



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