Thursday, January 14, 2010

[DIY] LED fiber optic bangle BLING

I had some spare 3mm fiber optic cable from my student's FYP project, since they only use some of it to direct IR light source to a very focus beam to use on their IR camera.

It would be a waste to leave the balance items at one corner, collect dust and hopefully some day later some people would discover it.

Remember my Blinking LEDs belt BLING????

I found one of blinking LED on my pile of parts, very lonely and in need of some serious company.

Quickly, I use some heat shrink tube, a 5mm blinking LED, 2x 1.5v button size battery and 10cm of the fibre optic cable to make a bangle. Very cool when used in dark environment.

If you wonder how it works.... check out the video below..... BTW, I took this video in my office with lights switch off and most importantly, in a very dark corner (below my desk). With fluorescent light  (read: good for reading book), the light from the LED is barely noticeable.

1x bling LED: $0.5
2x 1.5v battery: $2
10cm fiber optic cable:$1.2 ($12 per meter from SLT B1 Continental electronics)
time:10minutes (OK, I din factor in my wage. Because now is wayyy pass 5pm.)
total cost:$3.7