Monday, December 31, 2012

coming to an end of 2012

A self reflection??!! I just remembered to write about the sous vide stuff with Arduino. (BRING ON THE YUMMEH) DIY arduino Sous vide shield + code + cooking + ACTION
close up shot
The setup. I am using my HTC desire phone charger to power on the system instead. When i am using my 12V 1A DC supply from the wall, the temperature reading is way crazy. SUPRISE!! I am getting readings with very wide fluctuations. The LM35 is power by the 5V from the arduino. I suspect is the onboard voltage regulator might be giving way, but no way to verify because I do not have a digital multimeter with me now. When development was done, it was supply with 5V USB from a laptop. It is important to test your system with both the intended supply and also the USB supply. sous vide lamb shoulder 57degC for 24hour.
sous vide beef brisket 75 degC for 24 hour
Details of making this shield, check out the instructables by my padawans (keyou + suan) Instructables Here code here