Tuesday, August 20, 2013

beef rendang sous vide 70degC 24 hours

Arduino sous vide beef rendang, using beef short ribs and cook for 24 hours at 70 degC.

"Cooking beef rendang can be time consuming and tedious" from wikipedia. Indeed, this is true.
 I remembered many many years back i was helping a makcik (auntie in malay language) to prepare this dish at my house. My job is dead simple. Stand in front of the gigantic kwali (a very deep wok) that is set upon wood fire and keep stir-ing with an apparatus that looks like a wooden oar. Still can't visualise?  refer to the picture below on how it was done! picture taken from the internet.

BBC food has a recipe to offer on cooking beef rendang. Look at the amount of time needed to stand in front of the stove to constantly monitor the cooking.

My methodology is simplified to the core.
Step1. get some beef short ribs. I got mine from smithsfield market at £3.7 per KG.
Step2. get a bottle of yeo's rendang paste. I stumbled on a few bottles at tesco with reduced price at 1quid or so. Needless to say, i bought all of them.

Step3. Smoother the whole bottle of beef rendang paste with the de-boned beef short ribs cut into 2cm x 2cm. This is a good time to season to taste. I added 2 bay leaves, 6 cloves, 1/2 TBSP of sugar and 1tsp of salt to the mixture.
4. Sous vide the entire package at 70degC for 24 hours. No constant stir-ing, no standing infront of the stove for hours, no burning of your facial hair from the heat. Just sit back, relax and forget about it for the next 24 hours. *do whatever need to be done i.e write my thesis! lolx*

5. I sous vide the beef rendang at 6pm the day before. So it will be ready by 6pm the next day. The time is just nice for me to have dinner when I am back from school.
6. I like my beef rendang with rice. Beef rendang goes well with any form of carbohydrates. Rice, bread, noodles, pasta, etc.
7. The texture? comes with a bite and yet melt in your mouth tenderness! the beef fats are rendered, tough proteins are denatured through sous vide. The rendang gravy is so good, momentarily i forgot what my name was while savouring the flavor. Given the fact that this cut of beef is tough and dirt CHEAP. I reckon the end product eclipses the £,time and effort needed to produce it. oh wait... is there any effort involved?! If considering waking up at 6am to get the beef short ribs as an effort, then that is one huge effort involved. hahahhah

still pink!!!

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